Welcome to Helen Lewis Clinical Reflexology, formerly Feet First Reflexology

Helen Lewis began her Reflexology journey in 1999, after suffering with fertility and health issues.  At the time, Reflexology was fairly unknown and it was only when Helen conceived during receiving weekly treatments as part of her training, that she realised just how effective treatments could be. Helen now lives with family and various pets, and is mum to two teenage boys. She has now become one of the region’s leading practitioners, and inspired others to learn Reflexology, and become therapists themselves, often under her mentorship.

Helen continues to train and integrate her work alongside a team of international osteopaths.  This has given her a unique approach to how the bio mechanical movement of the body can affect an individual’s health.  This has enabled her to acheive optimum results for patients of all ages.

Helen specialises  in conception, maternity and post natal care, and offers treatments, workshops and online support for pregnant and post natal patients and their babies. Helen writes and delivers her own classes and workshops in conjunction with other health specialists, and works with medical professionals where possible to ensure that women and their babies are fully supported with their mental and physical health and is often an emotional and daunting time.

Helen is a Director of The Cedar Grove Clinic in Daventry, which promotes health and wellbeing in the local community. Helen and her team always try to work in conjunction with medical practitioners to offer the best holistic care for individuals and families.  Reflexology is not a substitute for medical care.

'' Reflexology is a touch therapy that works on the theory that all the systems and organs of the whole body are mirrored or reflected in smaller peripheral areas such as feet, hands, ears or face. A Reflexologist works on the reflected areas to restore balance and healing within the body ''
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