“Forget baby massage or baby yoga – baby reflexology will give you the skills and knowledge to help heal and calm your baby and it really does work! I have just completed a course with Helen and four other friends and babies, and it was absolutely fantastic. Helen is patient (needed when two of the babies just wanted to walk and crawl around the room!) caring and slightly magical! She alleviated quite a few symptoms on the first visit and suggested a couple of issues which were later confirmed by the GP!

The skills that we have learnt range from helping with colds and teething through to calming and relaxation techniques. If you do one baby course – choose this one. Helen has given us all skills which we can use for years to come and we all feel much more confident with our babies in the future.”

Jackie M

“Helen has been treating my family since my children were babies and I can’t rate her highly enough.

Helen has helped with everything from a stiff neck to infant colic. Over the last three years while my youngest daughter has been going through treatment for Leukaemia  she has proved to be worth her weight in gold.

She has helped my daughter and her body cope with the side effects and complications of her treatment; making a very real difference to her, and therefore to the rest of our family.”

S Berridge 

“As a nurse, I was extremely sceptical when I was first encouraged to have a treatment, but I am totally converted. I have recommended both patients, family and friends to see Helen.  Not only is Helen an excellent reflexologist, she has a natural gift of healing, and her perception is second to none.  I recommend her highly.”  

A Bennett

“As a true sceptic when initially being persuaded to go to visit Helen (by my wife), I can only say after my first treatment I am now a convert.  I don’t understand how it works, but can honestly say that during treatment I can feel my body responding.  To any other sceptics, I recommend you book an appointment with Helen, and I truly believe that you will benefit from a treatment.”   

D Palethorpe  

“Sometimes things cannot be explained.
Some treatments are here for the simple reason to restore and rebalance.
Helen is a true interpreter and conduit of this therapy.
In everything, we need balance to work effectively.
Helen has helped us achieve this.”     

Neil Adams MBE