What will happen during a treatment?

Before commencing a first treatment, a consultation is required in which the client will be asked to provide a medical history. This is to ensure that there is no reason why the client may not be given Reflexology, and also to ensure that the best care plan is put into place.

These notes are strictly confidential and are kept securely at clinic or online, depending on the location of treatment.

Reflexology is performed by massaging the feet/hands. It is gentle, non- invasive, relaxing and completely natural.

During the treatment, some clients feel a pleasant tingling or warming sensation on various parts of the body, which may indicate that the circulation is changing in that area and the body is trying to rebalance.

As this therapy is very subtle, it usually takes between 4-6 treatments to make an improvement, although some patients notice it immediately.  A ‘maintenance’ treatment may then be offered every 4-6 weeks to maintain the balance in the body.

Reflexology is not offered to recipients as a cure; whenever possible I will work with GP’s and other therapists to ensure that their treatments are working as effectively as possible through the body being rebalanced.